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BandBell® - Kinetic Training Certification

BandBell® - Kinetic Training Certification

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As a certified BandBell® Kinetic Training instructor, you will be one of the first experts on the European Kinetic Training market!
We are bringing Jim Seitzer exclusively to us in Germany for this instructor workshop! This is a unique opportunity for you that has never existed before! Learn not only from Oli Velevski, but also from the BandBell Founder himself.
The BandBell Bars, specially developed and patented for Kinetic Training, are absolutely unique and rightly an indispensable part of the strongest gyms on this planet! They are handmade in the USA and are perfect for general strength training, but also rehab, recovery and performance. Through oscillating, kinetic training, the body is challenged in a multiplanar manner and has to stabilize reflexively. In this way, the important, often weak, stabilizing muscles are pre-activated and strengthened.
The following content is taught in theory and practice by Jim Seitzer & Oliver Velevski:
  • General information and safety rules for BandBell™ Kinetic Training
  • Accommodating resistance - training with rubber bands and chains.  
  • Low-Kinetic Training vs. High-Kinetic Training
    • Use of low-kinetic bars in contrast to high-kinetic bars
    • Equipment Strap & Hook + Anchor Loader in professional use
  • Exercise selection for basic and assistance exercises on the BandBell :
    • Exercises with the BandBell Earthquake Bar
    • Exercises with the BandBell Shorty Bar
    • Exercises with the BandBell Rhinoflex HD Bar
    • Demo with the BandBell Specialty Bars - Rhinoflex Brass Knuckle Bar, E-Maxx Bar and Breakdown Bar and a few surprises from Jim :)!
  • Special Interest Exercises:
    • Use of BandBell Kinetic Training at Westside Barbell for powerlifters, fighters and in the tactical fit area
  • BandBell Kinetic Training Restoration strategies for optimal regeneration
  • BandBell® Program Design & Periodization Models by Bo Comire, Jim Seitzer and Oliver Velevski (theory)
    • For beginners, advanced users and professionals

Almost all of the content discussed is included in your BandBell© Kinetic Training Manual . The seminars, workshops and training courses at Main-Fitness are characterized by the highest level of individuality; we recommend taking your own notes in addition to the manual during the two days. Photos and videos are only permitted by arrangement.

Saturday September 16th & Sunday September 17th, 2023

Price :

Facts at a glance:

  • Conducted by: Oliver Velevski, CEO BandBell® Europe
    and Jim Seitzer, Founder and CEO BandBell® USA
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Location: Main Fitness, Gerbrunn (Würzburg)
  • Exclusive BandBell Kinetic Training Manual included
  • Exclusive BandBell Kinetic Training T-shirt included -> please specify the T-shirt size when ordering
  • The workshop will be conducted primarily in English. Don't worry about a language barrier, the Main Fitness team is available to provide you with all-round support with translation and understanding.
  • Participation criteria: Previous knowledge required. Everyone is met at their individual level and challenged accordingly .*

* Attention: Training experience is mandatory for this workshop! Contact us if you are unsure! In the event of acute injuries or restricted mobility, we ask that you consult us in advance

Size S - XL Available
(differentiated into men & women sizes)
Please note the size in the notes when booking!

Cancellation conditions:

Your booking is binding.

In the event of injury or illness (requirement: presentation of a medical certificate), participation can be rebooked free of charge.
A free rebooking or transfer of participation is possible up to 20 days before the seminar. We will charge a processing fee of EUR 100 for rebookings without a certificate within 20 days before the workshop.

If the certification weekend is canceled by the organizer, the participation fee will be 100% refunded. Compensation for overnight stays or travel costs will not be covered.

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frequently asked Questions

How long does delivery take?

If you do not choose to collect, we will ship your order. Shipping takes about 7 business days.

What payment methods are available?

You can pay us in advance, by credit card, Paypal, Klarna invoice or cash on collection.

Can I pick up my order from you?

Yes - select "Pickup" at checkout.

You can then pick up your order from us in 97218 Gerbrunn. You will receive a separate email about this.

Can I get personal advice?

Yes, you can contact us via email at any time if you have any questions. We can then make an appointment for a consultation. CLICK HERE

Do you also deliver outside of Germany?

We are exclusive reseller in all of Europe. If your country is not listed yet, please write to us. We check the cheapest shipping costs and activate the delivery to you!

How are the bars packed?

BandBell Bars are delivered to you in stable rolls.

Earthquake Bar: Roll 213 x 9 x 9 cm, 4 kg

Rhinoflex HD Bar: 213 x 9 x 9 cm roll, 5.6 kg

Shorty Bar: Roll 91 x 9 x 9 cm, 2.7 kg

Where can I test BandBell Bars?

After consulting with us in Würzburg, you can test various types and take them with you directly. Alternatively, you can also send us your address and we will check where the nearest BandBell Gyms are near you. CLICK HERE

Is it possible to test BandBell with my entire team / in my own studio?

After consultation, we also offer in-house training and will deliver your order directly to you on site.