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For us, BandBell® is an absolute "hidden gem" - a rough diamond that has so far only been found in a few gyms on our continent.

Our mission is to roll out this kinetic training feeling and know-how throughout Europe.

We make a significant contribution to supporting people in their rehabilitation and allowing them to train pain-free. We also support athletes in breaking plateaus and successfully leading them to peak performance! In numerous workshops and at events across Germany, we have already let people of all ages feel exactly these effects on the BandBell. They were stunned at how they could do a bench press, for example, even though they hadn't been able to do it for years due to shoulder pain. People with hip problems were suddenly able to squat ass to grass again, even though they previously thought it would never work again in their lives.

We have never met any other tool that can achieve such intensive effects so quickly! That's why our mission is to let as many people as possible feel BandBell Kinetic Training!

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Our story

"Birthplace" of BandBell is Westside Barbell - the strongest gym in the world! When Jim Seitzer, bodybuilding and powerlifting "veteran" with around 40 years of experience, was plagued by severe shoulder pain, he looked for alternatives: The idea of ​​the "Bamboo Barbell" was born!!

Jim had chronic rotator cuff inflammation and couldn't even lift a 40lb barbell without pain. Motivated athletes probably know the situation: Instead of giving up, he started experimenting with exercises that he could do without pain in order to stay in training. As luck would have it, Jim attempted to perform bench presses with a broomstick loaded with resistance bands and kettlebells on both sides. Lo and behold - he was able to do the exercise again without pain! Those were his first steps to being able to train pain-free again and build up strength.

Over the years, Jim put all of his experience into developing the BandBell bars. The Original Bar, made in the USA, consists of hardened ash wood and a special core that transfers vibrations perfectly and thus delivers the optimal result for high and low kinetic energy training.

Oliver Velevski's constant growth and expansion of his know-how about program design, the best tools and much more led him from Westside Barbell to BandBell and Jim Seitzer. Oli was immediately enthusiastic about the bars' effect and without hesitation ordered the Earthquake Bar, Rhinoflex HD Bar and Shorty Bar.

His direct contact with Jim Seiter, many inspiring conversations and enthusiasm for BandBell quickly made it clear: This knowledge has to go to Europe! Jim immediately noticed the expertise Oli had and decided at the end of 2021 to make him the exclusive reseller for his tools. Together they are currently developing the world's first certification for kinetic training, which will premiere in Germany in autumn 2023. Jim and Oli get to the heart of their passion for making people pain-free, resilient and incredibly strong. They impart this great knowledge to coaches, therapists, athletes and amateur athletes. BandBell bars have already found their way into various medical practices, gyms and universities and inspire users!

With his team, Oliver Velevski is on the road throughout Germany (including Fibo 2023, Functional Training Summit 2023 and various in-house training courses) and has already delivered to numerous European countries.

Oliver Velevski is Head Instructor for BandBell® Kinetic Training, his company exclusively brings the benefits of oscillating training and the best tools for it to Europe.

He is a Strength and Conditioning Coach with heart and soul. In 2017, he was the first in Germany to found an Academy for Strength & Conditioning, where he trains numerous coaches year after year and imparts the pearls of his knowledge to them with close practical relevance. For many years he has been passing on his more than 20 years of practical experience and his know-how, which he not only acquired at the university but also from the best coaches worldwide, in the context of mentoring programs in which he directly supports selected athletes leads to their goals. As Senior RKC, he has been training instructors for Germany's oldest and most experienced kettlebell community for many years. He is the Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Bundeswehr in Hammelburg, brings soldiers into top form and thus combines the area of ​​tactical fitness with S&C. As a thought-provoking speaker, Oliver inspires with his lectures and his passion on an international level.

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Anna Vietz is the main contact person in our BandBell® Office. As a project coordinator, she is there for you for all service questions relating to your BandBell orders and inquiries.

As a BandBell Kinetic Training Instructor, she knows how to use the bars and appreciates the tremendous benefits of kinetic training!

She is Strength & Conditioning Coach and RKC Team Lead, makes athletes strong with her know-how and leads them to their goals.

As a certified pre- & postnatal coach and pelvic floor trainer, she is an expert in training athletes. She was the first woman in Germany to complete the Iron Maiden Challenge on the kettlebell (24 kg military press, +24 kg pull up, 24 kg pistol squat) and is one of the strongest women on the kettlebell in this country. She combines supposedly conservative topics with Strength & Conditioning, her own experiences as well as the strength and power of BandBell training and gives them a completely fresh wind to give athletes that certain extra.

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Jim Seitzer is the founder and CEO of BandBell® LLC (USA).

He has around 40 years of experience in powerlifting, bodybuilding, resistance training and of course Oscillating Kinetic Energy (OKE) training. His athletic career began as a gymnast in high school, after which he earned a scholarship to Ohio State University in the years that followed. There he completed his studies in physiology and anatomy and also obtained a master's degree in the field of training science.

Shortly after graduating from college, he began training with Louie Simmons and was one of the early members of Westside Barbell. Powerlifting formed the basis of Jim's successful bodybuilding career. He won 12 titles including Mr. Ohio, Mr. Great Lakes Open, Mr. Mid-East Open and Jr. Mr. USA. He has also achieved elite rankings in powerlifting unmatched by any other bodybuilder in the United States.

His entire life experience, from achieving athletic goals and recovery to rehabilitation and prehabilitation, has gone into the development of the BandBell bars with an incredible love of detail and passion!

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